Transform Your Home with a Ketra Lighting System

Modern luxury kitchen with marble countertops and stylish cabinets dramatically illuminated with Ketra Lighting.

Discover How Proper Illumination Enhances Your Health and Brings Your Rooms to Life

Light is an essential element for living. It influences personal perspective, mood, and overall well-being. We often downplay the importance of quality illumination in our daily routine, which especially true for our living spaces. 

Rooms with an uninspired atmosphere and imperfect lighting coverage create spaces that lack inspiration and vibrancy. At Harrison Home Systems, we take a more holistic view, believing that a brighter home motivates and helps you make the most of each day. Ketra lighting, part of the Lutron family, blends the practical with a sense of style, elevating every moment. 

Whether planning a new build or renovating your luxury home in the Denver, CO, area, you can bring your home to life. Curious to learn more? Then continue to read more below. 

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A Vital Vibrancy

A smart home is an extension of you. It is built around your needs and desires, adding luxury and convenience to your life. This is the reason the founders of Ketra came together, with the mission to create a better lighting system that improves lighting control and ambiance in homes.

The visionary Glenn Cunningham understood this design tenant well, stating: “An effective lighting design is like a beautiful painting. Your medium is bringing someone to an emotional state he or she would not achieve at that moment without your art. This does not and can not happen by accident.” 

In the same way that whole-home audio keeps you moving, Ketra’s LED fixtures add vibrancy and tenor to a space with their infinite spectrum of colors and ability to generate pure white light. With a system in your home, colors pop, objects appear to have a greater definition, and the air seems alive with energy.

Circadian Dreams

According to the CDC and, Americans have an epidemic of insufficient sleep, with nearly 50-70 million people reporting frequent waking and inability to remain in slumber for six hours or more. Sleep deprivation makes us less focused, with slower cognitive functions, and is even a catalyst for depression. 

Ketra works with the natural cycles of the sun, bringing you into balance with your circadian rhythms. Imagine starting your day as motorized shades gently rise to let in the morning sun, and you are bathed in soft, warm hues. As the day progresses, the lighting becomes more intense and direct. And as evening falls, your fixtures transition into warm colors, signaling your brain to produce hormones that facilitate sleep.

A Brighter Home and Better You

At Harrison Home Systems, our HTA-certified team is passionate about creating homes that elevate how you live, work, and play. Are you ready to build a brighter, healthier home? Start the conversation by calling us at 303.526.0403 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to working with you! 

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