Dress Up Your Windows With Lutron Palladiom Motorized Shades


Lutron’s newest line of automated roller shades are whisper-quiet and battery-operated for your comfort and convenience

Lutron has long been the undisputed industry leader in lighting control and motorized shades solutions. This year, Lutron proved its ability to adapt and innovate by releasing a new shading system that leans into growing trends in roller shade aesthetics and wire-free solutions.

Lutron Palladiom is a whisper-quiet, battery-operated, exposed automated roller shade. The wireless Palladiom shading system combines the best of everything Lutron offers: a gorgeous, clean aesthetic, an easy installation, and seamless operation with Lutron’s best-in-class control system.

Keep reading to learn why wireless Palladiom shades are a stylish and convenient choice for your Cherry Hills Village, CO, home!

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Long-Lasting Battery Operation

The wireless Palladiom system runs on Lutron’s patent-pending Active Energy Optimization architecture, which optimizes the lifespan of traditional alkaline batteries to an industry-leading three to five years. As a result, Palladiom shades require no more than six D-cell batteries (fewer than any of Lutron’s other shading systems) and are guaranteed several years of use before needing replacements.

Easy Installation

Lutron’s Palladiom system is a versatile shading solution that doesn’t require pre-wiring in the home. That means wireless Palladiom shades can be added at any point in a project lifecycle, whether you’re building a new home or retrofitting an existing space. The elimination of in-wall and in-ceiling wiring reduces the overall time, labor, and costs needed for the installation.

Elegant Design Features

The Palladiom design is an exposed roller shade that has a minimalist aesthetic and looks clean and elegant from any angle. The bracket enclosure rings conceal all the shade electronics (the batteries and programming buttons) and are available with seven hand-finished surfaces to choose from. Select a pure white, black anodized, clear anodized, satin nickel, brass, satin graphite, or opal white finish to complement your interior design. Additionally, Lutron offers shade fabrics in thousands of colors, materials, and opacities to fit your needs.

In keeping with the clean, minimal aesthetic, Palladiom shades come with the innovative Palladiom Botton Rail. The aluminum hembar sits parallel to the windowsill without tilting one way or the other, ensuring that your shades always rest perfectly flat for an elegant look at all levels of openness. The Palladiom hembars are hand-finished to match your bracket aesthetics.

Coordinated Control

The Palladiom shade hardware is designed to coordinate with Palladiom keypad and thermostat finishes for a cohesive aesthetic throughout your entire home. Your wireless shades integrate seamlessly with Lutron HomeWorks and are easily controllable via the Lutron app and sleek, on-wall keypads. Press a single button to raise and lower one, multiple, or all shades, or set your shades on a schedule for precise, automated lighting control throughout the day.

Your Lutron app will alert you when the batteries are low, and you can easily replace them yourself without removing the shade.

Harrison Home Systems is your trusted Lutron dealer for lighting control and motorized shades solutions. Connect with our team by calling 303-526-0403 or filling out an online contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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