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Bring Daylight Indoors with Circadian Rhythm Lighting

A well-lit home from a distance with a pool, spa, lit fire pit, and a beautiful sunset in the background.

Human-Centric Lighting Is a Growing Trend in Wellness Real Estate

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness real estate trend is expected to become a $580 billion industry by 2025. More people than ever are looking to their luxury homes as places of refuge, a sanctuary where healing, wellness, and balance become inherent aspects of their daily lives.

One of the trends gaining tremendous traction is circadian rhythm lighting. These systems offer beautiful interior lighting while promoting health and wellness. When combined with natural daylight control, beautiful outdoor areas, and amenities such as spas and saunas, a home becomes an oasis.

In response, builders, architects, and interior designers in Greenwood Village, CO and the surrounding areas are approaching new builds and remodels with wellness incorporated into the design. They may use energy-efficient appliances, sustainable building methods, solar panels, whole-home air and water filtration systems, and spa bathrooms with infrared saunas and soaking tubs. They also include circadian rhythm or human-centric lighting. 

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What You Need to Know about Tunable Lighting

Kitchen island area featuring colorful Ketra fixtures set to an Entertainment/Party scene

Explore What’s Possible with Ketra & Lighting Design

Your home is a sanctuary. Many components blend together to make it a place that offers peace, relaxation, and even excitement. If you’re a builder or architect in the Boulder, CO, area, you understand a homeowner’s desire for simple-to-use yet sophisticated, luxurious living experiences. Everything comes into play, from lighting to interior finishes to entertainment, to create the perfect place to take a load off after a long day at the office.

For the perfect at-home experience, consider incorporating tunable lighting into your next project. You can transform a room with the tap of a button, showcase artwork in its best light, and set the foundation for a home meant to be joyfully experienced instead of simply lived.

Discover what’s possible with Ketra tunable lighting in our blog below - keep scrolling to learn more!

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Transform Your Home with a Ketra Lighting System

Modern luxury kitchen with marble countertops and stylish cabinets dramatically illuminated with Ketra Lighting.

Discover How Proper Illumination Enhances Your Health and Brings Your Rooms to Life

Light is an essential element for living. It influences personal perspective, mood, and overall well-being. We often downplay the importance of quality illumination in our daily routine, which especially true for our living spaces. 

Rooms with an uninspired atmosphere and imperfect lighting coverage create spaces that lack inspiration and vibrancy. At Harrison Home Systems, we take a more holistic view, believing that a brighter home motivates and helps you make the most of each day. Ketra lighting, part of the Lutron family, blends the practical with a sense of style, elevating every moment. 

Whether planning a new build or renovating your luxury home in the Denver, CO, area, you can bring your home to life. Curious to learn more? Then continue to read more below. 

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