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An Introduction to Circadian Rhythm Lighting


We shed some light on why circadian lighting is one of the biggest wellness trends of the year

Wellness technology has become a focal area of smart home design in Greenwood Village, CO, and across the U.S. over the past several years. So how can we use technology to bring more health, comfort, and well-being to our most important daily environments?

Of all the wellness technologies on the market, none has been talked about more than circadian rhythm lighting. Or, you may know it by another commonly circulated name — human-centric lighting.

So, is circadian lighting the real deal or just another buzzword in the wellness realm? What do we mean when we say that lighting is “human-centric?” We have the answers to these questions and more below.

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What Is Circadian Rhythm Lighting?

Human-centric lighting uses LED technology to recreate the color temperatures and intensities of natural light sources. Consider generic LED bulbs: even though you can buy bulbs that change intensity (like dimming from “bright white” to “soft white”), the color of the light never changes. But LEDs with circadian technology change in both intensity and color temperature based on natural light patterns.

For example, bulbs set to a higher color temperature and intensity will generate light that looks and feels cooler, brighter, and blue-hued — like sunlight. But bulbs set to a lower color temperature and intensity will produce light that looks and feels warmer, softer, and orange-hued — like candlelight. Outside of these extremes, you can adjust human-centric lighting to recreate any natural light source, including sunrise, starlight, and firelight.

What Are the Benefits?

As humans, we’re meant to live in tune with natural light. Our bodies’ internal clock (the circadian rhythm) cycles in balance with sunlight — we’re supposed to awaken when the sun rises and sleep after the sun sets. However, as we spend more time indoors under artificial lighting, our circadian rhythms can fall out of balance with the sun’s patterns.

Human-centric lighting brings the energizing and restorative powers of natural light into your home spaces. During the day, recreating daylight in your home office can help you feel more energized, alert, and focused while you work. In the evening, dimming the lights to softer, warmer hues as it nears bedtime can help you wind down, relax, and prepare for deep, restful sleep. From day to day, align your daily activities with perfectly curated lighting that matches your need to be alert, calm, or energetic.

How Can I Get Circadian Lighting at Home?

While many manufacturers are trying their hand at human-centric lighting, we recommend two solutions for your home: Ketra by Lutron and Savant.

Ketra by Lutron is an industry-leading human-centric lighting solution compatible with Lutron’s premier lighting control system, HomeWorks. With Ketra, you not only get the full range of natural lighting options but an infinite color palette as well. With the tap of a button, you can bathe your home in hues of red, green, purple, yellow, or pink to match your mood or daily activities.

Savant has partnered with USAI lighting to bring homeowners next-generation lighting with classic white, warm glow, tunable white, and infinite color options. Additionally, the Savant Daylight Mode automatically aligns your home’s interior lighting with the outside lighting. With the tap of a button, you can activate Daylight Mode in one, several, or all the rooms in your house.

Harrison Home Systems is your trusted Ketra and Savant dealer in Greenwood Village, CO, and surrounding areas. If you’re interested in bringing circadian rhythm lighting solutions into your home, please reach out to us to learn more and schedule a consultation with our experts. We look forward to hearing from you!


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