4 Surprising Benefits Motorized Shades Bring to Your Home


You may be amazed to learn how multi-functional smart shades are

On the surface, window treatments aren’t the most exciting design element in your Boulder, CO, home. And if you’re still stuck with manual shades that do little more than cause frustration while you’re struggling to raise and lower them, we don’t blame you for being unimpressed. 

But upgrading to motorized shades opens your eyes (and windows) to smarter and more convenient ways to use window coverings for energy savings, privacy and protection, natural light, safety, and more. Are you intrigued? Keep reading to learn four surprising benefits motorized shades bring to your living spaces! 

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1. They Help Your Home Use Energy More Efficiently

According to the EPA, insulated honeycomb shades can reduce heat loss through windows by 40% or more, translating to roughly 10% in energy savings. Honeycomb shades are designed with pockets that trap hot air and prevent it from entering your home. During the summer, closing your shades during the hottest times of the day can keep your interiors cool without overworking the HVAC system, thus driving down your home’s energy expenditure. 

With a motorized solution, you can set your shades on seasonally optimized opening/closing schedules to maximize your home’s HVAC output while keeping your living spaces comfortable.


2. They Protect Your Furniture and Artwork

Did you know that the sun’s rays are dangerous to your furniture, artwork, photos, wood floors, and electronics? Over time, ultraviolet radiation can fade, discolor, and warp your carefully selected home décor. In fact, one estimate states that UV rays are responsible for approximately 40% of interior fading

But motorized window treatments can help. For example, roller shades, sheer blinds, and honeycomb shades allow you to filter soft light into sun-drenched rooms while blocking intense UV rays from reaching your décor and furniture. Better still, you can schedule your shades and blinds to close automatically during peak sunlight hours to protect your furnishings.


3. They’re Safer Than Manual Shades

Motorized shades eliminate the dangling pull cords that could easily become a tripping or choking hazard for small children and pets. Instead, automated window treatments give you a clean aesthetic with no loose cords and peace of mind knowing there’s one fewer threat in the house for a curious toddler or playful cat. 


4. They’re Hands-Free

Another fun statistic from the EPA: one study found that 75% of window coverings in residential homes remain in the same position every day. It’s easy to fall into the habit of never using your shades when you must manually open and close each one. 


With motorized solutions, there’s no excuse not to take advantage of the natural light you could be getting in your home. Motorized shades allow you to operate all your window treatments from a smartphone app, handheld remote, wall-mounted keypad, or voice control. You can group windows to raise and lower multiple shades simultaneously with the press of a single button. Or take a 100% hands-off approach by setting your home’s shades on a schedule to raise and lower automatically throughout the day. Finally, you can install photosensors that track the sun’s position and adjust your shades accordingly based on the amount of natural light available.

Harrison Home Systems is the expert you can trust for lighting control and motorized shades solutions in your Colorado home. Connect with our team by calling our office or filling out an online contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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