Design Holistic Homes with Dynamic Ketra Lighting Solutions


Meet your clients’ lighting and wellness needs with intelligent tunable lighting from Ketra

Ketra by Lutron is one of the most advanced smart home lighting systems on the market today. Ketra’s intelligent lighting technology can produce pure tunable white light and an infinite color spectrum, a combination that gives interior designers and homeowners the ultimate flexibility in crafting unique, engaging, and vibrant spaces in Boulder, CO, homes. 

With wellness-focused smart technology on the rise in popularity, design-build professionals can set themselves apart from competitors by offering clients dynamic, human-centric lighting solutions from Ketra for new homes, retrofits, and renovations. Keep reading to learn more about the Ketra experience.

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Homes designed with wellness in mind are a huge draw for homebuyers these days. Lighting has always been a primary source of balance, mood regulation, and energy for the human body. In fact, research shows that exposure to natural light helps improve circadian rhythm (the body’s internal clock) and sleep patterns. 

Ketra solutions bring the power and benefits of natural light indoors. Ketra’s tunable LED technology can produce pristine white light ranging in color temperature and intensity from 1,400K (candlelight) to 10,000K (clear blue skies). With a Ketra system, homeowners can automate their home lighting to dynamically follow the patterns of sunlight throughout the day.

During the daytime, homeowners can work from the home office with cool, bright light that promotes energy and focus to complete tasks. In the evening, families can wind down under the glow of warm, soft lighting that encourages relaxation and sleep. 


Infinite Colors

Along with tunable white, Ketra technology also produces an infinite color spectrum. Bright, vibrant colors can enliven home spaces, cultivate specific moods, and highlight décor, artwork, and architectural features. With a Ketra system, homeowners can drench a room from any color in the rainbow — reds, blues, greens, yellows, oranges, pinks, indigos, and violets are all available. And an advanced calibration system ensures that colors maintain a precise output that doesn’t fade over time. 


Fluid Design

Ketra is every interior designer’s dream system. Ketra’s advanced technology is precisely calibrated to produce vibrant, uniform color and intensity across a wide range of beam spreads — from the narrow spotlight to wide floodlight. As a result, designers have the ultimate flexibility to craft spaces with the right amount of light to illuminate general areas, objects, furnishings, artwork, and architectural finishes. Additionally, Ketra’s Vibrancy feature tunes white light to enhance the smallest, most brilliant details in artwork, finishes, and furnishings. 


Superior Control

Ketra integrates with Lutron’s best-in-class HomeWorks control system. HomeWorks offers homeowners a wide range of custom-engraved keypads in elegant styles and colors for one-touch lighting and scene activation. Additionally, homeowners can use a smartphone or tablet app, wireless remote, and voice control to activate custom lighting scenes and turn lights on and off with the press of a button. 


If you’re a builder, architect, interior designer, or homeowner with an upcoming home project, partner with Harrison Home Systems for your lighting control needs. Connect with our team by calling 303-526-0403 or filling out an online contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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