James Loudspeaker Delivers High-End Audio Without a Visual Impact


Experience sound that’s heard but not seen with the James Small Aperture® Series

Most technology is not décor-friendly. Speakers, in particular, can become a real design pain point for homeowners who want to experience the joys of whole-home audio without the eyesore of bulky speakers in every room of the house. 

While architectural speaker design has come a long way in the past several years, most in-ceiling and in-wall speaker models still have six to eight-inch visible grilles post-installation. But now, James Loudspeaker is redefining the aesthetics of high-fidelity speakers.

The James Small Aperture (SA) Series are high-performance architectural series that leave a nearly invisible footprint on a home’s décor. Keep reading to learn how the Small Aperture speakers combine form and function for high-end audio installations in Denver, CO, homes. 

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Discreet Design

The James Small Aperture speakers are a marvel of architectural design with apertures only three or four inches in size. Both the in-wall and in-ceiling models are barely visible to the eye and lie flush with the surrounding material post-installation. You have the option to choose between a round or square trim, and James Loudspeaker offers a range of standard and custom finishes to match the aesthetics of specific lighting fixtures, woodgrain, or other unique features. James also allows designers to send in lighting trim kits, and the company will design custom grilles to match. 

The SA lineup is incredibly versatile and design-friendly without compromising on high-quality sound.


High-Performance Sound

Rest assured that James Loudspeaker doesn’t sacrifice sound quality for a more pleasing aesthetic. While a four-inch opening is the only visible part of the speaker, a lot is going on behind the scenes. Each SA speaker has a built-in subwoofer installed in the wall or ceiling before the sheetrock, or another construction material, is laid. The buried subwoofers drive deep, low-range sound and are coupled with a custom-engineered module for high and mid-range frequencies. The result is rich, full-range sound with outstanding clarity and excellent dispersion. While compact, the SA speakers are powerful enough to fill an entire room with superb-sounding music.


Ideal for Multi-Room Music

The Small Aperture in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are ideal for whole-home audio. The barely-there design ensures a discreet, minimal aesthetic in every room, including the kitchen, bathrooms, home offices, living room, and den, bedrooms, and more. Controlling music sources (like streaming services, CDs, vinyl records, and digital libraries) in one room, multiple rooms, or the whole house is easy with a smart device of choice. With the press of a button on a smartphone or tablet, James’ high-fidelity speakers will deliver a stunning and immersive musical performance that’s heard but not seen.


Harrison Home Systems has been designing and installing technology solutions in Denver, CO, homes for over 20 years. Let’s discuss how we can make your home more beautiful and enjoyable with high-end audio. Call us at 303-526-0403 or fill out an online contact form to get in touch. 

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