Outdoor Audio Systems Make Every Season More Enjoyable

Backyard area with hidden audio speakers, pool, and firepit with seating area. Mountains are in the background.

Let the Music Sing Instead of Being an Eyesore on Your Property

Summer is the perfect opportunity to take your favorite TV shows, movies, sports, gaming, and music outside! There’s no need to unplug your indoor speakers and TV displays to lug them outside. Instead, you can incorporate specially-crafted outdoor AV components that will last through Boulder, CO, weather fluctuations while also looking stylish and performing for years to come!

If you’re ready to take your summertime entertainment up a notch while also having an eye on design, then it’s time to learn more about outdoor audio systems. Keep reading below to discover how Harrison Home Systems can make every backyard gathering more enjoyable.

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Focus on Audio Performance

Some homeowners love the eye-catching style of big, bold loudspeakers indoors in their listening rooms, but this in-your-face audiophile aesthetic isn’t for everyone. Many want the audio to speak for itself, especially in their outdoor areas, and that’s where James Loudspeaker shines. 

Your existing outdoor decor will stand out while in-ceiling aperture speakers hide in plain sight within your patio ceilings. In-ground subwoofers add stunning bass notes to any song within your garden and tree spaces. And satellite speakers direct crystal-clear sound to your seating areas instead of your neighbor’s property. Sleek and attractive outdoor audio is possible with James Loudspeaker’s outdoor line.

Every Season is Fun With an Outdoor Setup

Summertime is here, and stepping outside to spend time in the sunshine is the best activity this time of year. We’re finally thawing out from the winter and spring cold, so it’s time to lounge by the pool and play catch in the yard with the kids. Every outdoor activity can be improved with fun or relaxing streaming Spotify playlists playing on outdoor speakers that visually blend into your yard without being overbearing. They offer up high-performance audio that blankets your back patio and yard without sounding too harsh or loud. 

Outdoor AV systems are exciting beyond the summer months, too! In the fall and early winter, sit back and relax on the back patio while watching the big game, enjoying a cold beverage, and barbecuing on the grill or in the smoker. 

As the temperature continues to drop, opt for a cozy outdoor movie night, huddled under blankets while sitting by the outdoor fireplace and watching an outdoor TV display and soundbar installed on the porch. In the winter, huddle around the fire pit while listening to the perfect hangout playlist with your friends. And in spring, plant your vegetable garden while listening to the latest episode of a true-crime podcast over satellite speakers that blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscaping. 

No-Nonsense Smart Control

So what’s the best part of having entertainment suited for every season? Simple, intuitive control with an outdoor-rated smart remote or using an app on your tablet or smartphone. The same interface that controls your indoor home control system can also manage your outdoor space’s technology!

Take Your Fun Outdoors 

If you’re ready to elevate your outdoor hangouts with a little help from your friends at Harrison Home Systems, chat with us at the bottom of your screen, or connect with us using our online form! We hope to speak with you soon.

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