Outdoor Entertainment is Hotter than the Summer Sun

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No Matter the Season, Harrison Home Systems Brings the Heat in Audio/Video Excellence

We’re lucky to have beautiful weather nearly all year round. Though, if you aren’t a fan of snow, then you’re surely enjoying yourself right now in Denver, CO. With a sunny new season upon us, it’s time to reevaluate how you entertain in your backyard and patio spaces. Consider an outdoor entertainment upgrade to ensure you have the ultimate barbecue or pool party!

With an upgraded outdoor AV system, you can enjoy the high-performance audio and picture you have indoors in your home theater or media room but with a touch of sunshine and a breeze! To discover what it would be like to have a top-notch system design and installation from the team at Harrison Home Systems, keep reading below.

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The Séura Experience

With an outdoor TV from Séura, you can rest easy knowing your TV is built to last. The brand’s proprietary Extreme Heat Protection protects the delicate yet sophisticated electronics inside, and the corrosion-resistant enclosures are IP55 rated to keep out dust, snow, ice, and rain. 

With selections on the spectrum from full-shade to full-sun, a perfect TV is available for your particular viewing area. Outdoor TVs must be brighter than traditional TVs, and Séura has managed to excel at this in the market with 2,000 nits of brightness that is 30% brighter than its closest competitor. Though it may seem strange, outdoor TVs frequently don’t have internal speakers, and it’s best to opt for an outdoor soundbar or sound system. By incorporating an outdoor audio system, homeowners can make their entire yard sing, speak, or cheer with whatever they are watching on the big screen!

Speakers For Any Setting

Once you have your video display selected, it’s time for speakers. James Loudspeaker offers various outdoor styles that are sure to wow your guests. Add in-ceiling aperture speakers in the cabana area for crystal clear audio that hides in plain sight. By the pool, rock speakers camouflage themselves among your pool and spa landscaping. In flowerbeds, bullet speakers and in-ground subwoofers add covert performance to practically every inch of your yard. And under eaves and awnings, marine-grade speakers will ensure your grill area is blanketed in the audio from the big game or the latest binge-worthy Netflix series.

Intuitive Control

Having outdoor audio and video capability is exciting, but if it’s difficult to operate, you’re less apt to use it. This is where the Harrison Home Systems team shines! Our experts will design an intuitive, easy-to-use control system interface that works with just a few taps of your finger. And it will integrate seamlessly into your existing smart home control system environment as well.

If you’re ready to turn up the heat on your outdoor entertainment, chat with us below or connect with us here to get started.

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