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3 Benefits of Lutron Lighting Systems

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Add This Innovative Control Option to Your Home For Ultimate Convenience

Imagine living in a home that does most of the work for you. Walking around to each room to turn off lights at the end of the day may not seem like an arduous task, but the time really adds up and can be inconvenient, especially if you have a larger home.

With Lutron lighting systems, you can automate and manage nearly every aspect of the lighting and shading in your Boulder, CO, home. Want to learn more about this exciting smart home solution that adds convenience, energy savings, and style to your daily lifestyle? Keep reading below!

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Have you ever walked into a room you’re not familiar with and fumbled through a few switches to turn on the lights or fan? Or have you been cozy in your bed only to remember you forgot to turn on the porch light and arm your security system, so you have to walk across the house to handle things? Many of us can answer these questions in the affirmative, and luckily a lighting control system can make all of these tasks a breeze.

One tap on an on-wall keypad or swipe of your finger on a smart device (like a tablet or smartphone) can dramatically alter the ambiance of a room. Dim the lights down to a 10% brightness level for a dramatic or romantic mood, or set all of the room’s lights to the perfect color temperature in an instant! You can even coordinate multiple lighting and shading responses with one smart scene. For example, initiate the “Good Morning” scene to raise beautiful Palladiom shades to let natural sunlight filter through your windows; interior lights brighten gradually to help your eyes and brain gently wake up.

Energy Savings

Go a step beyond convenience with automation. Exterior lights will turn on automatically at dusk to improve your Colorado property's curb appeal while also deterring potential burglars; a bright home is a less appealing target than a dark home. At sunrise, the lights will shut off without a second thought from you. In larger homes, accidentally leaving lights on is an easy thing to do - especially with kids! - so having the ability to turn off all of the lights with a button tap reduces unnecessary energy waste.


Convenience and energy savings are excellent benefits to incorporating Lutron lighting systems into your home, but there’s more to them than practicality. With Lutron’s wide range of control pad options, you have the ability to match your decor to your technology needs! Add old-world style with HomeWorks-compatible Alisse keypads or the Palladiom line of contemporary styles. Not only are Lutron control systems intuitive, but they are also a great-looking addition to your home.

Your Smart Control Partner

We pride ourselves on quality smart home solutions that elevate your daily lifestyle to one of luxury. Connect with us here, or chat with us below so we can begin exploring the possibilities of Lutron lighting systems in your next home project. You can even schedule a one-on-one showroom appointment to explore our experience center! We can’t wait to hear from you.


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