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Experience a Personalized and Enhanced Lifestyle through Smart Home Automation


Take your lifestyle to a unique level designed just for you. 

Smart home automation systems are completely changing the way we live and how we relate to our home and its functions. Would you like to control every aspect of your home, right from the palm of your hand? Now it's possible! Through a Savant or Control4 automation system, you can manage and synchronize multiple audio and video devices, your HVAC system, lighting, security, and outdoor entertainment systems. Keep reading below to see the possibilities for your Greenwood Village, CO home through smart home automation systems from Harrison Home Systems. 


Now you can take control of your home and make it work for you, improving your mood, your health, and even your happiness. The following represents just some of the possibilities –  imagine what you could do by having a fully automated home customized just for you.


Find the perfect night's sleep and improve daytime productivity through circadian lighting that simulates natural daylight. Save time and energy by adapting fully automated lighting scenes to suit your lifestyle. Control all the lighting in your home through a single device, or program schedules or triggers to set your lights for any activity or time of day 


Maintain control over your home's temperature to provide greater comfort during the day and optimize the temperature as night approaches to create the perfect sleeping environment. You can maximize the efficiency of your climate control by automating adjustments based on presence and outside weather without wasting unnecessary energy and maintaining optimal comfort. 


Through the voice control system, you can use your voice to command your smart home naturally. Forget about memorizing complex commands and waiting for each action to be performed before you can request another move. is configured to understand commands together like "Turn on the light, turn on my TV and lower the blinds" all simultaneously, and can also learn your daily routines to automate certain actions without being asked. If this is not luxury and comfort, what else could it be? 


Control the way you connect through a reliable, high-speed network to manage AV, security, and control system traffic seamlessly. Get high-speed wired and wireless connectivity for all the devices in your home. With a reliable network, you can ensure that your devices respond quickly to all the commands you request, creating a sleek and elegant ecosystem. 

Now that you know some of the possibilities that smart home automation can bring to your home, are you ready to start your project? Contact us. 

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