Take Your Lighting to the Next Level with Automated Lighting Control


Automated Lighting Makes Controlling Your Home’s Lighting Effortless

Smart lighting is taking the world by storm, growing at an unprecedented rate. So what makes this area of home automation so popular? Imagine pressing one button on an elegant keypad or tapping your touchscreen and watching as your home’s lighting transforms around you. 

One-touch control can change the colors and intensities of your lights in every room and even your outdoor spaces. If integrated with a home automation system, when it's time for bed, one touch can turn off your lights, lock your doors, and arm your alarm. Automated lighting control offers even more incredible lighting solutions—lights that transform around you as the day progresses, with no effort on your part. 

Let's explore how this type of lighting transforms homes in Cherry Hills Village, CO.

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Daylight Harvesting

Daylight harvesting refers to the use of natural sunlight to provide beauty and light to your home. Maximizing this light reduces the use of electricity and your home's carbon footprint. It also creates a beautiful space that offers health benefits.

When sunlight touches our skin, we produce vitamin D. When it shines in our eyes, our brains make serotonin, also known as the "happy" hormone. 

With automated lighting, your lights transform around you based on the available amount of natural light. In occupied rooms, it changes in intensity as the sun shifts and transforms throughout the day.


Dynamic Tunable Lighting

Dynamic lighting refers to light that mimics the sun. When your home is programmed to tunable lighting, it changes as the sun’s rays change color. 

You may awaken to lights that are the color of the rising sun. As the day progresses, your lights brighten into the cool, blue range that increases your ability to focus. By day's end, your lights resemble the color of the setting sun, bringing a sense of relaxation and peace.


Lighting By Location

Your lighting can also change based on your location. For example, we can program your system to turn on the front landscape, entrance, and kitchen lights when you pull into the driveway. When you leave your home for the day, your home can automatically turn off all of the lights, set the temperature, and arm the alarm.


Pre-Programmed Scenes

When integrated with your home automation system, we can program scenes specific to your lifestyle and regular activities. For example, if you regularly have friends, family, or business associates over, we can program an “Entertainment” scene.

This scene can set the lights throughout your kitchen and dining area to the color and intensity of golden candlelight, while your outdoor lights transform to the color of moonlight, artic blue, and teal green. At the same time, your entertainment streaming playlist fills your home and yard, the outdoor gas firepit ignites, and certain shades rise to reveal your beautiful landscape lighting. 


With today’s home automation, you are limited only by your imagination. At Harrison Home Systems, we’ve been working with homeowners, designers, architects, and builders for over 20 years, creating luxury whole-home automation systems with the latest technology solutions. To learn more about automated lighting or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Harrison Home Systems today. 

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