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4 Life-Changing Features of Whole-Home Automation Systems

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Home automation doesn’t need to feel unattainable and relegated only to science fiction movies. Whole-home automation systems are very much a modern-day reality, yet some homeowners feel like the concept is overwhelming or daunting when the topic arises with their builder or a smart home integrator during a remodeling project.

Harrison Home Systems has extensive experience bringing life-changing home solutions to our clients in Colorado. Want to learn how this seemingly-futuristic concept can be brought into your Boulder-area home? Keep reading below to learn four solutions you can add to your property to make life simpler and more enjoyable.

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1. Voice Control

Imagine walking into a room while your hands are full, then saying, “Josh, I’m home.” Within moments, your entire home responds by lowering shades, brightening lights, and playing your favorite streaming station on your audio system as you step in the door after a long day at work! It’s possible with the voice control assistant, On top of incredible hands-free convenience, the Josh brand is a staunch advocate for privacy, assuring customers that they will never sell their data to third-party advertisers. Josh even offers a physical on/off microphone switch for an added layer of privacy in the home.

2. Lighting

Having the power of lighting at your fingertips is an incredible convenience that every homeowner should be able to experience. Brands like Ketra offer human-centric lighting that supports your natural circadian rhythm, with warm incandescent glows in the evening to help you wind down and relax and bright, blue-toned hues during the day to help you push through the midday productivity slump. 

Our team can even assist in programming exterior landscape lighting to operate according to a preset schedule - lights turn on at dusk automatically and off at sunrise. Your home will have safety and curb appeal in the evenings, yet there will be no unnecessary energy expenditure during the day while the sun is shining.

3. Shades

Automated shades are one of the more convenient additions to any automated home, plus you can scale from one room of motorized window treatments to the entire home with relative ease. Instead of leaving curtains drawn during the day, open them to let in natural warming light that showcases your interior decor. In the evenings, press a button to lower every shade in your home in seconds, so you have privacy. 

4. Security

A smart security system gives homeowners incredible insight into what’s happening on their property. Tap into live video footage of your property’s perimeter or the driveway, or speak to the person that rang your doorbell - all by using your smartphone or tablet!

Your Home Automation Systems Partner

Harrison Home Systems partners with premium brands throughout the smart home industry, so we can bring high-performing equipment and experiences to your Colorado home. If you’d like to keep exploring what’s possible when you have whole-home automation and control, chat with us at the bottom of your screen or connect with us here to get started!

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