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Network Upgrades Ensure Your Smart Home Functions at Its Best

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Upgrade to the Newest Wireless Standard for Speed, Reliability, and Security

Many of you may not remember, but there was a time when our home’s connected devices consisted of a desktop computer and maybe a laptop or two. Today, if you live in a smart home, that number has grown exponentially, with every smart device connected to your home automation platform and to each other. Add the increasing use of streaming services, gaming consoles, and video conferencing, and it's clear that you’re overloaded unless you’ve gone through network upgrades as you’ve increased your connections.

At some point, buffering will begin, downloads will become slower, and the system will falter when more family members are connected in your Denver, CO, home. Soon, you’ll be asking your kids to stay off the video games until you get through your video conferencing session. To ensure your smart home and all its connected devices continue working as they should, it's recommended to upgrade to an enterprise-grade network and the newest wireless data networking standard—Wi-Fi 6.

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Smart Home Protocol

A smart home offers a miraculous lifestyle, with much, if not most, of the technology behind the scenes. Device protocols fall into the “behind the scenes” category. These standards determine how your many devices communicate, interacting with each other and exchanging information. 

These protocols help authenticate data transmission, detect errors, and ensure the information exchange is reliable and secure—important stuff, and things that require a robust home network to do its job accurately.

The Newest Standards

Wi-Fi 6 was built with 4K and 8K streaming devices in mind, as well as the traffic and bandwidth requirements of today’s smart homes. It enhances speed, enables multiple devices to connect simultaneously, and lets devices enter a sleep state when idle, reducing latency. 

Beamforming technology allows better coverage, and enhanced security protocols protect your smart home from cybersecurity threats. Adding Wi-Fi 6 access points ensures corner-to-corner coverage, no matter the size of your estate or outdoor areas. The result? Your smart home performs as it should, and you and your family enjoy streaming music and movies and uninterrupted internet searches anytime and anywhere.

OVRC Integration

At Harrison Home Systems, we offer OVRC integration for off-site support. This platform allows us to remotely manage, configure, and troubleshoot the devices on your home network. We watch for malfunctioning systems and slowing internet speeds and can often solve issues before you know there's a problem. 

We can also update software and upgrade devices remotely. As part of the support coverage, you receive a preferred rate in the unlikely need of an actual service call.

Our team is dedicated to using state-of-the-art, reliable technology to turn our clients’ homes into sanctuaries that offer unprecedented ease of use, enhanced beauty, and the best in entertainment. To learn more about network upgrades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Harrison Home Systems today.

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