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Home Media Rooms: The Ultimate in Customized Home Entertainment

A media room with a pool table, multiple TV displays, and a bar area.

Experience the Best Audio-Video Performance in Any Space

Home entertainment has changed dramatically over the last few years, with homeowners looking for the same incredible immersive experience they enjoy at the top-rated cineplex. Tiered plush movie seating, starlit ceilings, the Dolby Atmos 3D sound field, and 4K laser projectors that deliver stunning details and lifelike images have become the norm. 

There is, however, a rising star in home entertainment. They’re called home media rooms, and they offer the ultimate multi-use space for gathering with friends and family. Almost any room can become a media room—a place where high-fidelity audio and high-definition images merge with video games and workout areas or pool tables and bars. This is the “fun” room. 

Let’s explore how technology is advancing this entertainment epicenter and what it offers homeowners in Greenwood Village, CO.

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Looking for Custom Window Treatments? Look No Further

Two living room windows featuring Lutron motorized shades. 

Are You Looking for the Best Motorized Window Treatments Available? Well, Let’s Talk About Lutron 

Lutron is the industry leader in custom window treatments, offering motorized shades that no other brand comes close to. The quality of their products and innovative designs are why most luxury smart homes in Greenwood Village, CO, feature Lutron lights and shades. 

Whether you are a designer looking for an extra edge or a homeowner learning about smart window treatments, Harrison Home Systems is a Lutron Diamond Dealer and is always ready to help! 

Here are some advantages of Lutron motorized shades and a brief overview of their top-of-the-line Palladiom Shading System. 

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Bring Daylight Indoors with Circadian Rhythm Lighting

A well-lit home from a distance with a pool, spa, lit fire pit, and a beautiful sunset in the background.

Human-Centric Lighting Is a Growing Trend in Wellness Real Estate

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness real estate trend is expected to become a $580 billion industry by 2025. More people than ever are looking to their luxury homes as places of refuge, a sanctuary where healing, wellness, and balance become inherent aspects of their daily lives.

One of the trends gaining tremendous traction is circadian rhythm lighting. These systems offer beautiful interior lighting while promoting health and wellness. When combined with natural daylight control, beautiful outdoor areas, and amenities such as spas and saunas, a home becomes an oasis.

In response, builders, architects, and interior designers in Greenwood Village, CO and the surrounding areas are approaching new builds and remodels with wellness incorporated into the design. They may use energy-efficient appliances, sustainable building methods, solar panels, whole-home air and water filtration systems, and spa bathrooms with infrared saunas and soaking tubs. They also include circadian rhythm or human-centric lighting. 

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Why We Love Immersive Audio for a Luxury Home Theater

Luxury home theater with dark leather seating and a large movie screen.

Transform Your Movie Experiences with 3D Sound 

Ten years ago, Dolby introduced a new immersive sound technology into the cinema. Since then, Dolby technology has transformed movie theaters around the globe. Now, you can have the same cinematic 3D sound in your own home theater! 

If you're considering installing or renovating a luxury home theater in your Boulder, CO, home, we would love to show you the elevated listening experience Dolby Atmos can provide. It won't take long for you to realize why this technology has become so popular, and in short order, you'll be enamored with it too.

Keep reading to learn more about Dolby Atmos and what makes it different from typical surround sound setups found in home theaters.

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