Why We Love Immersive Audio for a Luxury Home Theater

Luxury home theater with dark leather seating and a large movie screen.

Transform Your Movie Experiences with 3D Sound 

Ten years ago, Dolby introduced a new immersive sound technology into the cinema. Since then, Dolby technology has transformed movie theaters around the globe. Now, you can have the same cinematic 3D sound in your own home theater! 

If you're considering installing or renovating a luxury home theater in your Boulder, CO, home, we would love to show you the elevated listening experience Dolby Atmos can provide. It won't take long for you to realize why this technology has become so popular, and in short order, you'll be enamored with it too.

Keep reading to learn more about Dolby Atmos and what makes it different from typical surround sound setups found in home theaters.

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Revolutionary Technology

The difference between standard surround sound and 3D immersive audio may sound foreign unless you're a sound engineer, so we'll do our best to describe how they compare and contrast at a high level.

Flat versus spherical

Surround sound technology is considered a flat sound experience. This is because, while the sound is assigned to specific channels that feed to speakers placed around the viewing area, it is programmed on a linear plane. As a result, background noises will be heard behind you, while primary sounds, such as dialogue, will be heard in front of you. 

Immersive 3D audio like Dolby dissects sounds differently across the sound field and produces the sounds from all speakers in a spherical formation. This means a car zooming by will go from right to left visually and audibly. Instead of sound coming from a specific speaker, the sound will move across all speakers based on what you’re watching on screen, creating a 3D array of sound around you.

Mainstream Demand

The popularity of Dolby Atmos products has increased over time, making it now possible to enjoy the magic of this groundbreaking and transformative sound at home. If you're constructing a high-end luxury home theater, then Dolby is a must-have for any audio experience.

To deliver the Dolby experience, you will need the following:

  • An AV receiver that is compatible with Atmos soundtracks
  • A speaker system compatible with Dolby - there are a variety of these available from some of our favorite brands
  • A Dolby-compatible TV or projector – Sony offers a variety of these
  • Content programmed for Dolby Atmos 

Most home entertainment technology is now compatible with Dolby Atmos but always verify before purchasing to get the desired experience.

Of course, technology continues to evolve, and while Dolby Atmos is the must-have sound experience of the moment, you can be sure that the Harrison Home Systems team will be on top of the next trend when it comes around.

Contact our team for more information if you have any questions about designing sound experiences or installing a luxury home theater. We'd be happy to provide you with a no-cost consultation for your Boulder, CO, home theater.

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