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Exciting Innovations Announced By at CEDIA 2023

 The family of products just grew with the launch of Josh One.

Do’s Newest Products and Features Signal the Future of Home Automation? 

The annual CEDIA Expo was held in early September and was full of new product announcements and innovations from many top home technology companies. During this event, we heard some very exciting news to share from voice control brand

Since 2015, has been focused on delivering magical experiences to the home control market by allowing users to manage a barrage of connected devices with the simplicity of a voice command.

At CEDIA 2023, they announced that things are changing—continue reading to learn more about the new voice control products and features coming from that are or will be available for Evergreen, CO, homeowners soon.

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Introducing Josh One

At the center of the brand’s CEDIA 2023 announcements was the launch of Josh One, an AI-enhanced home control platform. Seamlessly integrated with the Josh app, the entry-level Josh One will help homeowners effortlessly manage up to 100 connected devices in their homes, with the ability to scale up to 200 devices for those with more extensive setups.

However, its ability to redefine the user experience truly sets Josh One apart. The days of manually importing files and waiting for updates are over; Josh One can intelligently discover supported devices and intuitively link them to specific areas of your home. The entire integration process is simplified.

Josh One is the first product to compete in the home control marketplace and can be seen as a rival to some of the most well-known smart control brands. It will be exciting to hear about ongoing development and how integrated AI will improve user experiences over other models.

New Software Plans

In addition to the launch of Josh One, also announced a new approach to their software pricing model. Specifically, they will pivot from their traditional room-based billing model to a supported devices billing model. This move puts the company in better alignment with modern smart home configurations and offers users greater transparency.

More From the Family

Other products also made an appearance at CEDIA, including:

  • Josh Micro – a contextually-aware far-field microphone, able to communicate with up to 100 devices or scale to meet the needs of larger homes.
  • Josh Nano – a discreet architectural microphone designed for integration with Josh Core.
  • Josh Core – the premium, full-power processor. Enhanced features include a voice link that allows Josh’s responses to be broadcast across integrated speaker systems.
  • Josh Remote – an elevated TV remote that is room-aware and works through both voice and physical operation. For a personalized touch, you can create up to eight customized scenes to change your environment with one command or button.

As your local Evergreen, CO, dealer of home automation systems, Harrison Home Systems is proud to share with you the inside track on the latest technology features of our preferred brands, like We can’t wait to help you experience all of these new features to help improve convenience and easy living—contact us to learn more.

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