4 Ways to Disguise Your TV

Bedroom with a large-screen TV that folds down from a ceiling panel above the foot of the bed.

Explore the Trend of Hidden TVs in Home Design

The current design of high-definition TVs able to hang above mantels or take up entire walls is plaguing homeowners who prefer a more sleek and modern home interior. Unfortunately, the “black hole” created by a mounted big screen is not quite the look of luxury that interior design buffs intend.

The industry has heard these consumers loud and clear and have responded with new sleek and modern designs that help to minimize the visual distraction of televisions on walls while increasing adaptability and more available design options for those who would prefer it.

This preference has led to a series of developments in the trend of hidden TVs. Continue reading for four ways to disguise a TV in your home at Greenwood Village, CO.

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The Pop-Up

If you’re looking for a high-end pop-up TV to situate at the foot of your bed or in your living room, look no further than the futuristic design of the LG Signature OLED R Rollable Smart TV. This 65-inch OLED screen can roll into a sleek and stylish aluminum base, hiding from view.

At this time, that is a very high-end version, but other pop-up versions are also on the market. Mechanical pop-up options don’t change the size or structure of the tv, like with the OLED example, but instead, they raise and lower the device from items like coffee tables, cabinets, or dressers.

A Work of Art

Samsung has entered the hidden TV game with their “Frame TV,” designed to look like a piece of art on your wall when you’re not watching. This device model will allow homeowners to customize the bezel frame that encompasses the TV to match their interior design schemes. A variety of wood and metal finishes are available.

When not enjoying your favorite show, you can choose to display an actual work of art on The Frame TV or display one of your photo images.

The Mirror

Perhaps you would prefer the TV over your mantle to take on the appearance of a mirror – that is also an option. The Séura Entertainment TV Mirror has a TV monitor hidden behind the one-way mirror. When the TV is on, the appearance of the mirror disappears. However, as soon as you turn the TV off, it appears like a mirror.

Hidden Panels

If you hide your TV with moveable panels in your home, you are less tied to a particular brand or model of the device. To construct a television that folds out of the ceiling, for instance, you would install a motorized flip-down mount and could program this to a home automation control device for easier use.

Another popular hidden panel installation is the sliding doors or sliding artwork. You can hide the screen from everyday view by installing moveable components in front of the TV.

If you are interested in exploring hidden TV options for your Greenwood Village, CO home, please get in touch with us at Harrison Home Systems for more information.

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