How Commercial Lighting Controls Can Improve Employee Performance

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Harrison Home Systems Provides Commercial Lighting Control Systems in Boulder, Colorado

Believe it or not, the lighting in your office can hugely affect your staff's mood, health, and productivity. Studies have shown that inadequate lighting in the workplace can lead to eye strain, headaches, fatigue, and decreased focus. On the other hand, too much lighting can also be damaging, as harsh fluorescent lighting can cause similar symptoms. To help keep employees feeling their best, consider commercial lighting control systems that complement your employees' work throughout the day, keeping them happy, healthy, and focused.

Continue reading to learn how commercial lighting control systems can benefit your office, your company, and your employees in Boulder, Colorado.

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Natural Light Options

Natural light is a health booster and encourages worker productivity. In addition, studies have shown natural sunlight can improve mood and help employees focus. If your commercial building has windows, that is an easy way to achieve natural lighting. However, at times the sun's rays can be unreliable.

We can program daylight sensors with a commercial lighting control system to help maximize the efficiency of your lighting solutions, utilizing as much natural lighting as possible throughout the day. This energy-efficient solution will keep the light consistent no matter what the sun decides to do. If the sunshine dims briefly, the lighting systems in the office will take over to brighten the lights without missing a beat.

If the sun's glare becomes a nuisance, we recommend automated shading as the perfect complement to your commercial lighting control system. Also paired with a sensor, the automated shading system can respond to the sun's shifting glare to provide employees with a comfortable working environment throughout the day.

Tunable Lighting Impacts Mood

Did you know the color of a light bulb can also impact an employee's daily focus and mood? It's true! By utilizing tunable lighting with your commercial lighting control system, you can empower your workers to do their best work.

Cool tones like whites and blues help increase employees' focus and alertness throughout the day. But, in areas where you'd like to promote relaxed conversation, such as break or meeting rooms, using warmer-toned lights like reds and yellows can help lower worker intensity.

Energy-Efficient Options

Upgrading your commercial lighting control system with a new model is always a good idea and can result in substantial cost savings. These savings are possible when you replace outdated lighting fixtures and components with more energy-efficient options such as LED bulbs and dimmable lighting features. Dimmed lighting uses only a fraction of the energy that fully powered bulbs use, and with the extended lifetime of an LED bulb, you are sure to get the most cost savings from the switch.

Please contact our Harrison Home Systems team to learn more about commercial lighting control systems available for your Boulder, Colorado, commercial space. We would love to help you brainstorm solutions for a more productive working environment and greater energy efficiency that can put money back in your pocket. 

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